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cases before the board tonight. dan snyder, representing the planning department and planning commission. patrick o'reardon, senior building inspector, we have aliana crusho and janine young from the department of health and mr. harris from the police department. if you could go over the board meeting guidelines and conduct the swearing in process. >> turn off all phones and pagers. please carry on conversations in the hallway. the board's rules of presentations are as follows. appellants, permit holders each have seven minutes to represent their cases and three minutes for rebuttals. people affiliated with these parties must include their comments within the seven or three minute periods. members of the public not affiliated with the parties have up to three minutes to address the board but no rebuttals. to assist in the accurate preparation of the minutes, people are asked to submit a speaker card or business card to board staff when you come up to the podium. speaker cards are available on the left side of the podium. the board welcomes your comments or suggestions. there are customer
, good evening, dan snyder with the planning department. very briefly to frame this from a planning perspective, this is an as of right project. no neighborhood notice was required. it is code compliant. the issues you heard raised by appellant is on construction methodology, seismic issues. if you're inclined i would be more than happy to cede my remaining time to my colleagues at the building department who would speak to it with measure accuracy. >> vice president fung: no planning department notification was required. >> correct. absolutely no section 311 or 312 notification, no planning commission notification, from our department. >> good evening, commissioners. patrick o'reardon, dbi. i won't even begin to speak to the complexities of the engineering involved with this project but it is complex and it does involve means and methods or personaliation grouting and tunneling, shoring, having to do with creating this additional basement space. so i did visit the site yesterday just to get an idea of what the -- was and what everything looked like, and reviewed the drawings. and i
dog. governor? [applause] and governor hickenlooper, your dear friend and our dear friend, dan gordon could not be here but we wanted to make sure you enjoyed his borough -- brew. >> as i have many times before, let me assure you. [applause] >> our photographer would like to get your photos. >> with or without the kibble? >> all right. >> the right to vote allows us to vote for candidates or party and it is a significant way to have our voice heard. exactly 100 years ago, women were given the vote in california. the battle for women's suffrage was not an easy one. it took more than 70 years. a woman could run for president in new york. >> organizing this conference, basically it modeled itself on a declaration of independence for women. it marked the beginning of the women's equality movement in the united states. >> at that time, women were banned from holding property and voting in elections. >> susan b. anthony dedicated her life to reform. >> suffrage in the middle of the 19th century accomplished one goal, it was diametrically opposed to this idea. >> many feared it would be corr
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president fung: anything from planning? >> addressing the historic nature of the structure? >> dan snyder from the planning department. i think our only comment would be to provide some some background and context on the history of this building. it was built in 1896 engine company no. 33 firehouse recognize in the here today book which is an acknowledged historic survey. this property was considered for city landmarking in recent past. it did not receive that designation but it was considered. it's a category a known historic resource. and commissioners, that's the basic set of preservation fact. we're of course happy to respond to your questions. >> vice president fung: thank you. >> it says -- i think you wrote here that you're a designer. what kind of designer are you? >> i'm sorry? >> what kind of designer are you? >>ographic designer. >> thank you. that's it. >> vice president fung: well i think the advice you got -- i think we already -- unfortunately the advice you got, i think probably was not correct. it would have been not so difficult to brace this portion of effort, and then
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5